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Fodor's China, 3rd Edition : The Guide for All Budgets, Completely Updated, with Many Maps and Travel Tips

by Fodor's

Buy the book: Fodor's. Fodor's China, 3rd Edition : The Guide for All Budgets, Completely Updated, with Many Maps and Travel Tips

Release Date: 02 April, 2002

Edition: Paperback


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Buy the book: Fodor's. Fodor's China, 3rd Edition : The Guide for All Budgets, Completely Updated, with Many Maps and Travel Tips

Great guide for use when visiting China

I bought this guide book for a 2 month abroad program while I was in China in summer 2002. The book is organized quite well. It is broken down into the regions of China (Northwest, Northeast, Southeast, etc), and then breaks further down into individual provinces and cities within each region.

The pro's of this book are that it cover's a lot of ground for such a big country. Considering how large China is, the book is quite a small size, but at the same time still provides the traveller a good guide on the important sites of each region and city. In addition to highlighting each city's key landmarks and areas to visit, it also lists each city's better known resturaunts, shopping centers and Hotels. It also provides a rating system of their own on the prices of each hotel and resturaunt. A small map is provided for each of the larger cities with key scenic spots, hotels, resturaunts highlighted on the map. The resturaunt section of each city also lists the resturaunts of non-chinese fare, for example, western food.

For most scenic spots, hotels, shopping centers and resturaunts of each city, a phone number and open-close time is provided as well. It also provides at least a few sentences about each scenic site, resturaunt, hotel, etc. The book also provides approximate distances from other popular cities to other cities, so it is easier for one to plan their travels within the country. For the larger cities, it also lists general info and phone numbers about subway systems, buses, and getting around.

I really don't have many con's for this book. Since it was recently updated, I didn't have any complaints about the book being out of date or the phone numbers or hours of the places listed, being incorrect. All the information for each city was well organized and presented. Some history was also given for each scenic site or region.

Overall, I think this book is great for traveling to China. It is quite thorough and detailed, listing so many tourist sites, resturaunts, hotels, shopping centers, etc. I recommend it.


An Ok book, but definitely not enough

I'm a Chinese myself who is currently in U.S. I bought this book for my summer travel to the south of China. However, when I got this book, I was quite disappointed. I don't like the format generally. There're lots of information introduced, but not in detail. I feel confused about where I should go. And the prices of restaurants, hotels, etc. are not at all clear. I only know a price range, which is useless to plan my budget precisely. I remember I read a travel book of China in 2000(the book was published in 1998 in Australia). That book even listed where to rent a bike in Suzhou and the ticket price of Huangshan, which is so close to the real price in 2000. My trip was so successful and every expenditure was stricly in my budget. I think that kink of book is what a traveler really needs, not some fancy introduction with few details. It's such a pity that I can't remember the name of the Australia published book! Although there're some bad points of Chinese history in the book I don't like.

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