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Lonely Planet Western Europe (Lonley Planet on a Shoestring)

by Steve Fallon, Geert Cole, Mark Honan

Buy the book: Steve Fallon. Lonely Planet Western Europe (Lonley Planet on a Shoestring)

Release Date: January, 1999

Edition: Paperback


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Buy the book: Steve Fallon. Lonely Planet Western Europe (Lonley Planet on a Shoestring)

Excellent, but a victim of its success

Lonely Planet is definitely the guidebook to beat, and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend it ahead of the others.

However, buyers should be aware of a few problems. The first is the popularity of the Lonely Planet guides...since they're so popular, following the guides too closely steers you entirely to the same well-recommended hostels, restaurants, and so forth, that every other LP reader goes to. These institutions start specifically aiming themselves at the LP crowd. Definitely loses some of the cultural experience, and well-reviewed hostels are something like an American/Australian frat party. I'd view the Lonely Planet guide as a necessary evil. It's very convenient, but their recommendations are self-defeating, especially in the more heavily-touristed areas.

Secondly, most people visiting Europe seem to be doing massive every-big-city-in-three-week tours. This guide is suited for that, but for those spending more time in the indivisual countries, definitely buy the single-country guide.


Always great for the beaten path.

I have always been a Lonely Planet fan, and Western Europe is no exception, after reading this guide doesnt it inspire you to be a travel writer? Theese people though, know what they are doing. Europe is easy territory to cover. There are no tough issues to research nor would one have any trouble listing many a good hotels in First world Europe. The task is to remain fresh and inspiring, in a land that has been traveled and written on for centuries, and Lonely planet suceeds in Europe again and again. Each country has an introductory section that explains the history and cultural differences. Then each author goes onto cover the main cities and tiny towns in down to earth indepth coverage. They provide thorough updates and night life coverage, tour listings and landmark sights. It simply is a must for one who plans a cross country European trip.

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