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Lonely Planet Eastern Europe (Lonely Planet on a Shoestring)

by David Stanley

Buy the book: David Stanley. Lonely Planet Eastern Europe (Lonely Planet on a Shoestring)

Release Date: January, 1995

Edition: Paperback


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Buy the book: David Stanley. Lonely Planet Eastern Europe (Lonely Planet on a Shoestring)

A guide so good I only needed one shoestring!

In a nutshell the _Lonely Planet: Eastern Europe on a Shoestring_ guide was lovingly referred to as 'the bible' by travellers I ran into from around the world (myself included). Checking in at the hostel in the evening with my _LP_ stuffed in the side pocket of my pack always generated a look of envy from those carrying other, less comprehensive guides. In the face of the perpetually changing environment of Eastern Europe, _LP_ has managed to compile a list of places to stay and food for the hungary (among other handy things such as maps and phone numbers). Prices and availability change as frequently as the currency in Bosnia, but nine times out of ten when I followed the guide to an address not only was it reliable, but a comfort to know I had friends on my side in unfamiliar and distant countries. Absolutely a must for people starting out on a mision to explore the world (Eastern Europe in this case) and not a bad resource for those of you who have already learned how to make all your train connections and find a place to stay. The peace of mind you have knowing that there's help along the way is well worth the price.


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