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Tales of a Female Nomad : Living at Large in the World

by Rita Golden Gelman

Buy the book: Rita Golden Gelman. Tales of a Female Nomad : Living at Large in the World

Release Date: 28 May, 2002

Edition: Paperback


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Buy the book: Rita Golden Gelman. Tales of a Female Nomad : Living at Large in the World


I cannot say enough good things about this book. Rita Golden Gelman is one of the most amazing women one could ever hope to encounter. In a search for self and adventure, little does this gutsy housewife realize that what began as a two month separation from her husband would lead to a fifteen year journey in exotic places around the world. From a Zapotec village in Mexico to Guatemala, Nicaragua, Isreal, Galapagos Islands and eight years in Indonesia, Gelman does what most woman only dream of doing. What may seem to some like a betrayal to family and an escape from reality is, in essence, a story of unbelieveable determination, strength and pursuit of self.

Gelman possesses extraordinary interpersonal skills and others, even total strangers, are drawn to her like a magnet. She has an enormous passion for people, life and the unknown, and I found Gelman and her story to be one of the most inspiring, exhilarating and refreshing ones ever written. There are always sacrifices to be made in life. The universe has a way of balancing the give and take. For every door or chapter in life that we close, another opens; Gelman's life is no exception. Her journey and her life are a shining validation that nothing is beyond our dreams if we are prepared to make sacrifices, believe in our goals and in ourself, and have the commitment and courage to make our dreams a reality.

I highly recommend this powerful and captivating book, particularly to women since they will probably have a deeper understanding of where the author is truly coming from. It is what is commonly known as "the freedom to do your own thing, in your own time, in your own place." While being a wife/partner and/or mother are significant and fulfilling, I can tell you from my experience as a counsellor that many women, married and single, tend to lose their identity of self, or become an extension of someone's else's identity, if they limit themselves solely to those roles. Hopefully, the reader will find much enjoyment and inspiration in "The Tales of a Female Nomad." Good luck in your search for self, fulfillment and happiness!


Read the Dream!

I read this book a few months ago and still find myself drifting off and thinking about it quite often. It was an excellent book, but I must warn that it is a dangerous read if you have a bit of wanderlust in you (and I definitely do!)That said, it is an amazing book that I would highly recommend!

Rita takes us along with her over several years as she travels through many different countries. She writes very honestly and is a very interesting woman to get to know along the way. It is nice to read because she is an older woman that rediscovers a new way of life after a divorce. I travelled around the world as a backpacker and mostly encountered other people in their early 20s, so it is nice to get a perspective from an older woman, and also refreshing to know that it is never too late!

Rita has a website that you can check out first to figure out if she is someone that you would be interested in reading a book about. I really enjoyed this book and definitely think it is worth reading! For me, it was an amazing way to read about the lifestyle that I can only dream about now! It definitely has made me think (quite often) about quitting my job, writing a book, and traveling around the world!


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