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Flying South: A Pilot's Inner Journey

by Barbara Cushman Rowell, Galen A. Rowell, Frans Lanting

Buy the book: Barbara Cushman Rowell. Flying South: A Pilot's Inner Journey

Release Date: October, 2002

Edition: Paperback


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Buy the book: Barbara Cushman Rowell. Flying South: A Pilot's Inner Journey

There are no old bold pilots

I am not sure if this is a travel book, a flying book, or a book towards self discovery. It seems to be a little of each, but not enough of each. As a travel book, I get only a sense of the towns she visits, and the cultures she adores. She gives snippets, and I wanted more. As a flying book, she reveals the most about herself. She is (was) a poor pilot. She set aside her responsibilities as pilot in command and did whatever Doug told her to do, no matter the danger. Her go-no go decisions were terrible, and every novice pilot should learn from her example. As a journey into self discovery, the book was its strongest. How does the spouse of a famous and outgoing person carve out an identity of her own? This was very interesting, and here the author found her voice.


A look into the world of the risk-taker

This book is a fascinating look into the world of the risk-taker and the cult of risk-taking. There is no doubt that Barbara Cushman Rowell took an inner journey. She lays all her fears before us and conquers them. Along with this journey are her husband Galen and fellow pilot Doug Tompkins, two wild adventurers who lead Barbara into risky decisions she usually regrets. In the process of wrestling with herself, her husband and Tompkins she puts us inside the cockpit during harrowing landings, inclement weather and her own demons.


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