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Aama in America : A Pilgrimage of the Heart

by Broughton Coburn

Buy the book: Broughton Coburn. Aama in America : A Pilgrimage of the Heart

Release Date: 01 March, 1996

Edition: Paperback


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Buy the book: Broughton Coburn. Aama in America : A Pilgrimage of the Heart

Aama in our hearts...

This book finds a personal meaning for each person who will read it. Mr. Coburn takes his "adopted Mother"/friend, Aama, an elderly Nepalese woman, to his home--America. Aama has been confined to her village all of her life, but she realizes that this journey will be the last. This is scary for her, but she also realizes it is important that she have this experience. As I read this book, I became aware of how my view of America was numbed by ethnocentric attitudes. What I had taken for granted, felt assured of, was realigned by Aama and her fresh observations. Thank you, Mr. Coburn, for the introduction. Since this reading, I have tried to slow down, listen, and respect my surroundings. Too gushy? Too real, is more like it. America is beautiful, yet embarassing, as you travel with Aama through the natural beauty of our land and waters, to the modernity and wastes of our culture. This is not a book by a major novelist or writer, but who cares? I'm glad he shared what became a major life passage for him. Namaste.


a delightful read

I found this book to be absolutely delightful! Seeing America through Aama's eyes was rather refreshing - how right she was about so many things. We Americans are not as reverent to our Creator as we should be, nor do we give Him thanks for all He has given us. And how refreshing to see a human being enjoy things with utter and thankful delight, without reserve, cynicism or skepticism! Besides, the book was just plain funny. Aama's thoughts and interpretations of the sights and events she experiences in America are hilarious and heart warming. I found myself wanting to hug her tight and talk to her so I could see life the way she does and learn from her. Unlike some of the other reviewers, I don't think the author belittles Aama at all. He is quite honest about the times when he knows he didn't appreciate her like he should of - he admits he was wrong at times. In the end, he realizes he has loved her with his whole heart and he is grateful for having known her.

I will admit, however, that at times, I was a little concerned about exactly where his head was when it came to his relationship with Didi. I trust that they are still together and enjoying living their lives together.

A good, fun, light-hearted read that makes you quietly think about the more important things of life!!!


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