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Wild Shore: Exploring Lake Superior by Kayak

by Greg Breining

Buy the book: Greg Breining. Wild Shore: Exploring Lake Superior by Kayak

Release Date: 01 September, 2000

Edition: Hardcover


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Buy the book: Greg Breining. Wild Shore: Exploring Lake Superior by Kayak

Greg Breining's WILD SHORE

I have the good fortune of knowing Greg and have paddled and fished a bit with him. Always a strong writer, "Wild Shore" surpasses anything of his to date with its blend of frank honesty (about the frequent terrors of the Big Lake and about loneliness), humor (in confronting edgy weather and wind and lakeside culture), and deep respect for nature and history. It's also a bit of a romance, though not ostentatiously so. Beyond all that it is a marvelous kayak trip on which he leads us.


Great trip around Lake Superior!

I really enjoyed Greg Breining's new book "Wild Shore--Exploring Lake Superior by Kayak." He loves history and nature and it shows. He starts north of Sault Sainte Marie, Canada and goes west. He goes for little pieces at a time, usually with a friend or his teen-age daughter. He talks to the local people. He explores what's near the shore (such as the Pukaskwa pits) and what is unique about it. He tells you about the Canadian WWII German prisoner of war camp near Ney. He looks for the woodland caribou and discusses their relationship with the wolves. He visits the Rossport Inn and tells about the sinking of the Gunilda. He visits a ship captain and the Indian man who manages the Grand Portage State Park (in MN). He kayaks around Isle Royale with his daughter, describing its interesting history. He goes to the Apostle Islands (in WI). He meets a fellow in a folding kayak going around the lake like him, but in one trip. He visits a crumbling lighthouse and the very private Huron Mountain Club in the UP of Michigan. He fights the waves and has a good time exploring. He finds interesting places you'd never find in a car. He talks about the then and now. He camps at night and enjoys his cigar and a good cup of tea. It's a very different book than Ann Linnea's book of kayaking around Lake Superior, Deep Water Passage. Much more interesting. He does not focus on himself. He takes many pictures. It is an excellent book. My only problem with it were the pictures and maps. The pictures (which are very good) were very dark. The maps were much too small. Have a good Lake Superior map tucked in your book when you read it. Now you can go around Lake Superior--without the work!


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