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North of Naples, South of Rome

by Paolo Tullio

Buy the book: Paolo Tullio. North of Naples, South of Rome

Release Date: 11 September, 1999

Edition: Paperback


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Buy the book: Paolo Tullio. North of Naples, South of Rome

North of Naples, South of Rome

Grazie, signore!

Like Tullio, my husband is an expatriate from the Valle di Comino. This was a great book about the valley - full of history and insight. It helped me, as an American outsider, to understand and appreciate the culture and traditions of La Ciociaria. Plus, it was a kick to read about some of the places we visited while there!


A soulful guide for the expatriated Italian.

After thirty years I returned to Ciociaria and my little town of Fontechiari. With Tullio's book under my arm I was able to fill in the years and heighten the anticipation. My companion and I stopped by to say hello; too bad Tullio was in Japan this year but Mario offered us a glass of Compari at his bar and Maurizio told us he would be open on Thursday for pizza. With my mother's Italian we talked a little of life, Tullio and food, just two strangers having a drink in little town called Gallinaro in Ciociaria.

Not your typical tourist destination without the family connection but this part of Italy is full of hidden treasures like the Cyclopean walls above ancient Arpino, Vicalvi Norman ruins, and beautiful comunes like San Donato Val di Comino. Tullio's gives the reader insight into the local Italian character, history and politics combined with the how-to of regional cuisine. This book gave me the interest and desire to explore an area of Italy few tourists (except expatriates)rarely see.


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