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The Ghostly Register

by Arthur Myers

Buy the book: Arthur Myers. The Ghostly Register

Release Date: 01 September, 1986

Edition: Paperback


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Buy the book: Arthur Myers. The Ghostly Register

Ghostly Tourist Guide

The Registers covers haunted places in thirty of the fifty states. It's in essences a ghostly tourist guide. Each chapter includes the location, description of place, ghostly manifestations, history, identity of ghost, personality of ghost, witnesses, best time to witness, and info on any investigations done and who the data was submitted by. The stories of the manifestations really just wet the appetite and leave the reader wanting move. This book gives just a taste of the possible paranormal adventures awaiting visitors at these various and far-ranging sites. Pick up a copy before you plan your next vacation!


The Ghostly Register

The books by Arthur Myers are my VERY favorites on the subject of ghosts.
The layout is WONDERFUL, never set up like a story, but more like an interview. I really hate books about ghosts that make it sound more like a story than an actual account.
Mr Myers seems to have great sense about how to relate this information. It involves real people and real places. The accounts are always accompanied with pictures of the location, the actual witnesses, and a few pictures of ghostly manifestations (orbs, a couple apparitions and mists)
Information is also provided from his perception and from any psychic or paranormal investigator who've been to the site. Mr Meyers also approaches everything in a very courteous way. His writing is "light" never dry. His friendly manner always shines through. Which makes his books much more enjoyable to read.

This book contains 64 stories in 358 pages covering most of the states in the U.S.
Including an investigation of the Queen Mary, a retired luxery liner, docked in Long Beach California. British built and set sail on it's maiden voyage in 1936. It's experienced many deaths, natural and unnatural. Like when the ships chef was actually shoved into an oven, where he died.

The author goes aboard John Wayne's former yaht, now with new owners who've experienced some strange happenings, they attribute to the "Duke".

It includes a facinating story about one wierd Toys R Us in California. The store has had a history of scary happenings. And renown psychic Sylvia Brown investigates. Includes a spooky picture of the reputed ghost, taken during the investigation. Shown first in infra-red film and regular film, then blown up to a reveal a apparent apparition. The employees tell of someone standing behind them, touching their hair. And someone banging on a door at closing time, when no one was supposed to be there!

Also: Edith Wharton's former mansion, which has since been inhabitited by a girls school called "Foxhollow School" which used the building called "The Mount" as a dormitory. In 1978 an acting troupe moved in called "Shakespeare and Company". Witnesses include Shakespearean actors and former alumnas of the former girls school.

The book explores many old buildings in New England. And has a very interesting story about an old inn in Pennsylvania called "The General Wayne Inn" which is the longest operating Inn in the country. Built in 1704. And serving such famous people as : George Washington, Benjamin Franklin, Edgar Allen Poe. Originally called Streeper's Tavern it's changed it's name in honor of General "Mad Anthony" Wayne who conquered lands from the Indians between Ohio and Mississippi in 1795, and had a three day bash at the tavern. It's reputed to have ghosts from three different centuries.

And a story about a restaurant in Florida called Ashley's Restaurant, built in the late 1920's it's changed owners many times and names too: The Loose Caboose, The Mad Duchess, The Sparrow Hawk, Gentlemen Jim's. Now it's experiencing things descibed as "ominous" by the then owner. This also includes a frightening picture.
Many, many more stories....And many places dicussed were public, and probably still are public. Though they may have changed hands, and names. But the adresses are given.


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