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Ouabache Adventure: Canoeing the Wabash

by Allen L. Johnson

Buy the book: Allen L. Johnson. Ouabache Adventure: Canoeing the Wabash

Release Date: December, 1991

Edition: Hardcover


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Buy the book: Allen L. Johnson. Ouabache Adventure: Canoeing the Wabash

Very Relaxing

I've read all but one of Mr. Johnson's books and find myself taking the trip with he and his grandchildren. I have recently introduced my 14 yr old son to Mr. Johnson's adventures and he too finds it hard to put the book down. I would find his books interesting even if I were not from the same area. I hope Mr. Johnson keeps on publishing his travels. Thanks for the arm-chair travels you have taken me on.


Holds reader's attention through entire 500-mile adventure

This is not the usual grandfather-grandson account of catching fish on a calm pond. Rather, Canoeing the Wabash by author Allen Johnson is high adventure for any age range. The skilled writer easily holds the reader's attention through 500 miles that he and 10-year-old grandson paddled. Though he disclaims any intent to write a "scholarly account," his story is peppered with history, indicative of careful research. His stated goal, "that reader get a couple of chuckles each session," estimated at four half-hour reading periods, may have been intended to lower expectations. The final effort delightfully exceeds such modest goal. The reader's interest will grow with the river being traveled-from the step-across beginning to the joinder of its mouth with the larger Ohio River. It is at that point that the magnitude of the trip, including the personal risk, is apparent. Barge wake in the big river almost swamped the tiny canoe. "The longest five minutes of the trip. The Wabash had been a little choppy at times, but the Ohio was an ocean." Many intrigued grandfathers and grandsons may duplicate the trip in their minds. A few may actually do so. None will write a finer account of his voyage.


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