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Using Russian : A Guide to Contemporary Usage

by Derek Offord

Buy the book: Derek Offord. Using Russian : A Guide to Contemporary Usage

Release Date: 21 November, 1996

Edition: Paperback


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Buy the book: Derek Offord. Using Russian : A Guide to Contemporary Usage

Russian Students NEED this book

This is NOT a textbook for learning Russian, but a reference for students already familair with the Russian language.

There comes a point where a student does not want to wade through 4 different textbooks trying to find a specific point of grammar. This book has everything an intermediate to advanced Russian speaker needs. Points are explained clearly and concisely, and almost every aspect of Russian grammar is in here. The only draw back is the numbering system used for finding specific points. The contents do not list thing by page number, rather by sub-sections within a chapter. This can get a bit frustrating, but is extremely minor compared to the overall utility.


An invaluable addition to your Russian bookshelf!

I don't want you to sit here and read the same words of high praise and book description that other reviewers have covered because I endorse all of it! Even with a degree in Russian I am finding a wealth of important and interesting information in "Using Russian". The level is truly advanced but would also be fitting for an intermediate learner. There is a new point I wish to add, however. If you have a grammar book already, such as "A Comprehensive Russian Grammar" by T.Wade, or a similar book, then don't be persuaded just to pass "Using Russian" off as just another grammar that you don't need because you have one already. You will, no doubt, find overlap and repetition of some of the information in your regular grammar, but "Using Russian" goes way beyond it too, believe me! It is about effective usage of the language as well as just looking at declensions and conjugations which is what you get in your regular grammar.

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