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English-Russian, Russian-English Dictionary

by Kenneth Katzner

Buy the book: Kenneth Katzner. English-Russian, Russian-English Dictionary

Release Date: November, 1994

Edition: Paperback


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Buy the book: Kenneth Katzner. English-Russian, Russian-English Dictionary


An indispensable resource for Russian language learners. Highly useful and detailed grammatical information, extensive vocabulary and accompanying-necessary-information on usage as well as irregularities in form or usage (declensions or conjugations). Having compared many Russian and English dictionaries this is by far the most comprehensive resource you can get in a user-friendly and compact format at a reasonable price. This is one of the best foreign language dictionaries I have used in my extensive foreign language studies. The dictionary is touted as a first of its kind geared to American English rather than British. I don't know how true this is, but as an American, I know it was useful to me either way. This book eased my days as a student considerably... I loved my old one so much I passed it on to a friend and got a new one last time I was in the States.


Top-notch AMERICAN ENGLISH / Russian Dictionary!

One of the residual after-effects of the Cold War is that most Russian/English - English/Russian dictionaries were written using British English. While in many ways I appreciate British English, such dictionaries come up lacking for Russian-speakers that want to learn American English or for American-English-speakers that want to learn Russian. For instance, most Russian-published dictionaries use British English, which can be a trifle annoying for all those Americans who don't know what a pram is!

Kenneth Katzner's wonderful dictionary was the first (or at least one of the first) dictionaries specifically written using American English. As a former Russian teacher in the United States, I found this book a "God-send" for some of the things that my students in the United States wanted me to teach them. While I'm a fluent Russian speaker, I simply don't use some types of vocabulary anymore since I live in the United States and sometimes I have great difficulty recalling certain sorts of words and acronyms in English let alone Russian. This dictionary was wonderful not only for me as a Russian and English literate teacher, but also for my students who often times couldn't find words exclusive to American English in their dictionaries.

Some versions of the dictionary have handy grammar and culture references as well (There have been several editions published over the years and Katzner wonderfully updates this book every few years). I say different editions because I have owned several copies of this book over the years (I bought a few and others were publisher's samples) and usually keep just one, giving any extras away to my students (usually as a prize in class). One of my favorite features of one of the editions was a reference glossary with commonly used abbreviations (such as Dr., Str., etc.). Other additions also have Russian/English glossaries of place names (countries, geographical features, states, etc.). Try to buy the most recent edition of this book if possible since it will have the most updates and helpful features.

I highly recommend this book for either American -English speaker trying to learn Russian or Russian-speakers trying to learn American English. It's the very first dictionary that any American-English-speaker studying Russian should buy.

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