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Russian Complete Course : Basic-Intermediate, Compact Disc Edition

by Living Language

Buy the book: Living Language. Russian Complete Course : Basic-Intermediate, Compact Disc Edition

Release Date: 16 April, 2002

Edition: Audio CD


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Buy the book: Living Language. Russian Complete Course : Basic-Intermediate, Compact Disc Edition

Weird pronounciation

I bought this product a few months ago.I started using the cds and everything seemed ok at first.I also take classes in russian.My teacher is russian.I'm taking classes for 6 months now.As i was getting better i realized that some of the words where pronounced very wierd.For example the female speaker pronounces the word "shto" which means "what" as "chto" while the male speaker pronounces it regularly as "shto".This is not standard russian accent.I've never heard of any russian saying "chto".So i thaught that this must be some regional accent.I even asked my teacher about this and she laughed.She said that she is not aware of any region in Russia where "shto" is pronounced as "chto".Also some word endings are pronounced wrong.For example a "b" at the end of a word should be pronounced as p,while a b in this course is always a "b" no matter where it is positioned in a word.Has anyone else noticed these?A review of a native speaker of russian would help a lot.


Other Review GROSSLY in ERROR - Fine Set!

The first review of this product is incorrectly intended for the "Ultimate" series by Living Language, which has 4 cassettes (or CDs) to accompany the text, and 4 to "learn on the go." The product on this page is the very basic, intro course into Russian and it is quite good. 40 simple, digestable lessons to get you up and running, and to move on to intermediate or other beginner books to reinforce what you learn. Here you get a full review of the Russian alphabet, lots of vocabulary, sentence structure, and listening practice with the tapes. For under $20.00, I found this to be a great deal, and the next Living Language series a good next step. For beginner's, Barron's "Listen and Learn the Fun Way" is comparable, though more expensive with 4 cassettes and lots of pictures. The review also laments that lack of good Russian tapes aside from Penton to learn in the car, has he/she heard of Pimsleur or Instant Immersion? The former is good enough to take a trip to Russia, the latter MUCH better than Penton, the phrases are grouped in more sensible style. That having been said, I give it 5 stars for the value and general solid footing it offers for a beginner learning the language. After this I recommend the Ultimate Beginner-Intermediate, then the Advanced, while simultaneously doing the full Pimsleur 48 CDs (available at most libraries). If you make it this far, go for the full deal at audio-forum, and at this point YOU'LL be teaching Russian!

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