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Master the Basics: Russian (Mastering the Basics)

by Natalia, Phd Lusin, Susan Follett Lusi

Buy the book: Natalia, Phd Lusin. Master the Basics: Russian (Mastering the Basics)

Release Date: October, 1995

Edition: Paperback


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Buy the book: Natalia, Phd Lusin. Master the Basics: Russian (Mastering the Basics)

Best Reference for Use with Other Learning Tools

If you're looking for an introduction to Russian, with dialogues and lessons, this book is not for you. It is, however, the clearest book I've found to explain the grammatical concepts. If you're self-teaching with tapes or software programs, you will most likey come to a point where you've learned an expression or a change in word endings without fully understanding the grammar behind it, this is where to look to quickly get the explanation. It does not contain much vocabulary, or full sentences, it is made up of chapters explaining particular grammatical structures and rules, so you're not going to learn to speak using this book alone.


Excellent reference

I agree completely with the reviewer from Oregon. I am starting to learn Russian from a cassette series (Learn in Your Car, which I also highly recommend) and this book is a very well-organized, valuable reference. In fact, it is one of the best organized special-purpose reference books I have seen anywhere. It has plenty of tables, and very clear descriptions of things like 'Why do Russian nouns have so many cases?' After teaching myself Spanish, Russian is my next goal, and it is quite a challenge. I think I would have given up by now without this book.

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