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Adopting In Russia: Your Rights and the Law

by Irina Mikhailovna O'rear, Irina M O'rear

Buy the book: Irina Mikhailovna O'rear. Adopting In Russia: Your Rights and the Law

Release Date: 18 September, 2002

Edition: Paperback


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Buy the book: Irina Mikhailovna O'rear. Adopting In Russia: Your Rights and the Law

This may very well be the best investment you make!!

This book is an absolute MUST READ for anyone contemplating adoption either by agency or independent. Ms. O'Rear is a licensed attorney who practices in all regions of Russia and her experience is priceless. The book is very thorough, concise and 'reader friendly'. She explains the whole process from beginning to end by giving the reader the 'big picture' view of Russian adoptions. This includes Russian culture, explanation of the different types of orphanage facilities, agency adoption vs independent adoption, the complete dossier list with explanations and instructions for notarization and references for obtaining apostilles. She details the referral process, court process and how to prepare oneself for the court proceedings, and even has a section devoted to Russian Law. She includes a FAQ section which is extremely insightful and websites that are helpful in providing additional information and so much more! I was so impressed with the book that I contacted her to thank her and have since retained her for my own adoption. It is truly amazing that you can have this quality of service and representation at a fraction of agency adoption costs!!!! She is with you from beginning to end and you are never left on your own without guidance! As a former judge in Russia and one who continues to practice law in Russia, her first hand experience and knowledge of the system is well worth the investment in this book! I am absolutely thrilled to have her as our representative who looks out for OUR best interest. I highly recommend her book (and her services) to anyone considering foreign adoption.


Adopting in Russia: Your rights and the law

This is a must have book for adoption in Russia. It is well supportive of independent adoption. It covers the process of adoption in Russia in detail. The book also has a large section of Russian law, translated and explained, that is very helpful to adoptive parents. An excellent travel tool for Russian adoption.

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