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Putin's Russia

by Lilia Shevtsova

Buy the book: Lilia Shevtsova. Putin's Russia

Release Date: February, 2004

Edition: Paperback


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Buy the book: Lilia Shevtsova. Putin's Russia

Highly Recommended!

Author Lilia Shevtsova gives an authoritative, if undramatic and less than perfectly organized, account of the rise of Vladimir Putin. Boris Yeltsin chose the anonymous, quiet former KGB colonel for one of the world's most powerful jobs, in part because of his loyalty. Putin's clear-eyed pragmatism and his visceral support of George W. Bush's war on terrorism have given Russia otherwise unattainable international significance. Now, will Putin use his power to reform Russia's political institutions and strengthen its framework of democratic governance? This quite readable book goes beyond the headlines and indicates that Russia is still a land of intrigue and mystery, where the only certainty is that there is none. Under that circumstance, Shevtsova has done an admirable job of framing how Russia reached its current state and what historical choices now confront it. The future of Russia is far from set. We very highly recommend this book to those who seek a deeper understanding of one of America's staunchest allies in the war on terror.


Excellent critique of Russia today

This wonderful and VERY readable work is surprisingly up to date (literally fresh of the press) and also extremely insightful. Shevtsova's basic premise, and one that is so true, is that Russians, when confronted with hard times, seem to rely on a "strong leader" to solve problems. She believes that Putin in many ways embodies this theme and that what Russia is truly lacking is not only a democratic culture but democratic institutions with real bite and stability. Respect for the rule of the law, as distinguished from Putin's "dictatorship of the law" is still lacking. Putin is a bit of an ambigious political personality, yet Shevtsova basically cracks the nut; this one is a real treat and sadly isn't available as widely as it should be. Indispensible to the modern Russophile or anyone interested in world events. Bravo.

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