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Red Mafiya : How the Russian Mob Has Invaded America

by Robert I. Friedman

Buy the book: Robert I. Friedman. Red Mafiya : How the Russian Mob Has Invaded America

Release Date: 01 May, 2000

Edition: Hardcover


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Buy the book: Robert I. Friedman. Red Mafiya : How the Russian Mob Has Invaded America

Interesting Read

This book is an interesting read about the Russian Mafia. However, if you do not know much about Russian organized crime before you read the book, you might easily be mislead by its content. The main innacuracy in this book is Friedman's labeling the Russian mob, the Russian Jewish mob. First of all, the idea that most of the Russian Mafiya is Jewish is absolutely false. In the book, he labeled people like Ivankov and Komorov as being Jews. This is a ridiculous assumption that any Russian would laugh at. The majority of the mob is not Jewish at all, and are actually former Russian criminals and KGB and military operatives. The reason that Friedman got this idea about the Mobsters being Jewish is because many of the Russian criminals in America came to America in the early 1990'a with fake documents saying that they were Jewish when, in fact, they were just Russian criminals.


Poorly written, disorganized, and antisemitic

No, it did not escape me that Friedman is jewish. This book is nonetheless little more than a poorly structured, and poorly referenced screed.

Friedman makes a habit of giving information that is supposedly culled from confidential government reports and other official and important sounding sources without ever backing them up with a reference list, footnotes, or end notes that would lend them any real credibility. He could simply be making this stuff up and one would have no way to confirm or deny any of it.

Further, nearly every time he mentions a new mobster or badguy of some sort, he trips all over himself in his haste to inform us that this person is jewish. If this book was all you had to go on, you would come away thinking that every Russian Jew that comes to the US is some sort of gangster.

Finally, the writing is so poorly structured it's hard to tell why he bothered having chapters with different titles. He may as well have written the whole thing as a single gigantic paragraph.

I recommend you read anything else.


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