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Lonely Planet Prague (Prague, 5th Ed)

by Neil Wilson

Buy the book: Neil Wilson. Lonely Planet Prague (Prague, 5th Ed)

Release Date: January, 2003

Edition: Paperback


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Buy the book: Neil Wilson. Lonely Planet Prague (Prague, 5th Ed)

Great, but check out LP's "Czech Republic", too

I have an uncanny nack for picking up free guides, which is the only reason I took this book with me to Prague over the summer. I ended up using it for a month, though, so it was well worth taking along. It's got everything you'd expect in a good travel guide -- what makes it better than most is that it lists some unusual and out-of-the-way places instead of just the typical run-of-the-mill museums and churches. It's also got a strong nightlife and eating/drinking section, ideal for college bums and happy Pilsener-chuggers with a dose of wanderlust!

The only bone I would pick with this guide is that it's identical to the Prague section of LP's general "Czech and Slovak Republic" guide -- it just weighs less. So there's absolutely no reason to buy both guides. While the book includes a short section on some sights within about an hour of Prague (like Kutna Hora and Theresienstadt concentration camp), the Czech Republic is a gorgeous country and you'd be crazy not to blow out of Prague for a few days and see something else. Still, if you just can't get enough of Prague (and "this little mother has claws", as Kafka said), you can't go wrong here.

(If you're a Kafka fan, check out at Klaus Wagenbach's nifty guide to "Kafka's Prague", reviewed by me.)


Great guide book!!

Just returned from a 7 day visit to Prague. This book went with us everywhere!! We did 2 of the suggested "walks." Loved that it told you what to see if you had an hour or if you had an afternoon.

Everyone of the restaurants we visited based on LP's recommedation was amazing. (We're thinking of buying the LP guide to NYC so we know where to grab a bite after work).

We also took along the Eye Witness guide when we went to major spots -- Prague Castle, Charles Bridge -- because it had more pictures.

Will buy a LP guide for next overseas travel!!

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