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Straying Afar: Antarctica-Alaska-Japan-Asian Siberia; Across the Waves of the Sea & over the Sands of Time

by W. John Maxey

Buy the book: W. John Maxey. Straying Afar: Antarctica-Alaska-Japan-Asian Siberia; Across the Waves of the Sea & over the Sands of Time

Release Date: August, 2002

Edition: Paperback


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Buy the book: W. John Maxey. Straying Afar: Antarctica-Alaska-Japan-Asian Siberia; Across the Waves of the Sea & over the Sands of Time

Straying Afar gives a look at Human Nature around the World.

Straying Afar provides the reader with an exciting look at Human Nature around the world. While Maxey's 1st book "Overnight Stay" looks at the colorful spectrum of Human Nature, based on observations of the people who pass by the Maxey's Verona Beach, NY business at Oneida Lake - The DwarfLine Motel & Cottages - "Straying Afar.." continues this look at Human Nature as kind of a pseudo-sequel, not by looking at Humanity as it comes to the Maxey's, but rather it observes Humanity as the Maxey's travel out to the people at the far reaches of Planet Earth. From stormy voyages across raging, windswept seas to Antarctica; to the wild and beautiful coastline of Alaska; and on to the unique Asian cultures of far off Siberia, Japan, and Korea. While these places are far removed from Central NY, they still provide both a personal "one-on-one" setting, as well as a "grand view" of Humanity for the "Straying Afar" story. Over 110 photographs and maps assist the reader on this exciting, 316 page journey!

The book is divided into two sections; each defined by a voyage in the opposite direction from the other. The 1st trip is to the far south to Antarctica and its theme is man and his struggle and embrace with Nature. The 2nd trip is to the far north, then west and its theme is man and his struggle and embrace with HIMSELF.
"Straying Afar..." is a must read for anyone who seeks adventure and inspiration while satisfying a thirst for exploring the world around us. By sitting back in a comfortable chair with a copy of "Straying Afar...", one can go to the frozen remoteness of Antarctica after crossing a sea so stormy that just reading about it will put butterflies in the stomach. And as you join John Maxey on his adventures, you'll not just live the present day experiences, but you'll cross the barriers of time to the adventures and struggles of the ones who went before. But that is only half the excitement - after a short break, come back and follow John up to Alaska and then across an endless ocean to Siberia and the Orient. Experience the range of Humanity that exists around the Earth that is emerging into a new world of optimism, from the interpersonal encounters along the coastal way in Alaska to the Grand Awakenings of whole societies as they step over the fallen political barriers of another time in Siberia. All the while these dramas are played out against a backdrop of natural scenery so grand and beautiful it defies description.

I recommend this book to all!


Avid Reader from AZ and NY reviews Straying Afar

Author W John Maxey has a new offering in the literary world. Straying Afar is not only a travel adventure story but can be classified as historical as the author while travelling through the areas where part of World WarII was fought recalls the days of the bitter conflict that took place, the struggles of the American Military might and the strong resolve displayed to defeat the enemy.

The author with his immediatre family aboard an ice cutter ship
braves the danger in Antarctica aboard the ship and views the beauty of the icebergs jutting to the diamond like peaks and walks among the penguins,birds and other inhabitants of this barren region of the world. Author Maxey is very family orientated and enjoys having his wife and children share in the adventures of travel and the mixing and viewing of the different cultures they witness on the cruise as well as airflights to different regions.

I have personally had the honor of conversing with this world traveler. He graciously shares the adventures and stories of their visits to these foreign places as well as visitng Alaska.

When I started reading this book I spent sometime looking at the unique cover, which I can only say is sensational. You couldn't put the book down as the author captures you from beginning to the end with content that isn't only adventuresome, but educational, historical, and a book that moves your mind into a craving for more of Author Maxey's travels. You feel that you were onboard the ice cutter rolling with the frigid waters and passing through the south Pacific you could almost hear and feel the impact of military combat. I recommend this book very highly. We need to hear more from you Mr. Maxey. Congratulations!!!

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