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Short-Term Apartments in Moscow and St. Petersburg

St. Petersburg (Eyewitness Travel Guides)

by Catherine Phillips, Christopher Rice, Melanie Rice, etc.

Buy the book: Catherine Phillips. St. Petersburg (Eyewitness Travel Guides)

Release Date: December, 2003

Edition: Paperback


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Buy the book: Catherine Phillips. St. Petersburg (Eyewitness Travel Guides)

Excellent Book - Great Photos - No Brainer

For background information I have travelled to Russia (in a cold October) and I own 20 Eyewitness books but I have never visited St. Petersburg. I confess that up front but all I need is the book to do the review, since I have used many DK books elsewhere. I love these books. I really like the Paris book, Rome, and the one for Prague, and Stockholm, and South Africa, and .... The new India book is exceptional and it works well for Moscow and St.Petersburg. You get all the detailed material similar to other great travel books plus you get great visuals.

On a cold day back here in the USA (or Canada) or elsewhere, have a glass of wine and sit in a nice chair or in the garden on a warm day and read this book. For a moment you will be back in traveling. The photos are that good. These are the best all round travel books and are very good for cities.

As I said, the photos and descriptions and the cutaway drawings are excellent and more than make up for any lack of small detail. But there is lots of detail here. The book includes the history of the city and many details on the art, art galleries, parks, culture, historical figures, cutaway views of historical buildings, and many other things of interest. The history is summarized at the beginning of the book with historical time lines and cross referenced to the culture and political figures. A solid effort - lots of stuff to see and absorb.

It has the other things too such as maps, accommodations, transportation, and the rest.

You will be (very much) pleasantly surprised with the depth and quality of this book and it makes a nice souvenir to refresh your memory when you get home. Again just great colors and photos.


A good book, replaced by a newer edition.


This book has been replaced by a newer edition (published at a cheaper price!). Look up 0789497271, or look under "Our Customers' Advice" above. It is still a great guide for your journey of Discovering Russia.

It is always best to get the most current guidebook, as attractions, hotels, restaurants and transportation options do often change--AND THEN VERIFY THAT INFORMATION!

Marc David Miller, Discovering Russia, New York

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