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Over 20000 books about Russia - travel, history, language, literature, politics. Helpful books for tourists - Russian dictionaries, thesauruses, maps of the main Russian cities, travel guides. Professional, business, law and technical literature. Essays and travelogues.

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Travel - Russia

Books about travelling in Russia - dictionaries, maps, guides, usefull information for travellers (742 books)
Keywords: Travel, Russia, Moscow, St. Petersburg, Siberia, Eastern Europe, Asia, Map, Guide, Dictionary.

Lonely Planet Russian Phrasebook: With Two-Way Dictionary (Russian Phrasebook, 3rd Ed)

The best Russian traveller's phrasebook I've found. If you're going on a trip to Russia and only want to take one book, this would be it. It has a small dictionary, information on aspects of Russian society, things to be wary of and even a page of "bad Russian"! Another nice aspect is that unlike some resources for travellers this actually fits in your pocket...

Fodor's Moscow and St. Petersburg, 5th Edition : The Guide for All Budgets, Completely Updated, with Many Maps and Travel Tips

Excellent for planning a trip, or remembering one! Of the various travel guides to the area I have consulted I particularly like this edition from Fodor's. The information is arranged in a logical way and is invaluable for planning a trip. And planning such a trip is very important even with the changes in today's society. Even for those not traveling this book can serve as a pleasant reminder of earlier visits. It deserves a place on the traveler's bookshelf...

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History - Russia

Russian history - famouse persons, historical events (9110 books)
Keywords: Putin, Eltsin, Gorbachev, Khrushchev, Stalin, Lenin, Peter the Great. Revolution 1917, WWII, Cold War, Perestroika.

Stalin : The Court of the Red Tsar

Koba the Dread. Stalin, Koba to his friends (did he really have any?), has obviously been the focus of many historical works over the years; this new book, however, focuses on his private life and inner circle. Benefiting from newly released archival information as well as interviews, memoirs and new research, "The Court of the Red Tsar" is well written and almost compulsively readable for people like myself who have have been both fascinated and repelled by this astonishing and terrible man...

The Gulag Archipelago: 1918-1956

Solzhenitsyn does an excellent job of retelling the story of the atrocities of the Soviet Union. The Gulag Archipelago is a disturbing account of what happened inside the Gulag prisons. This is an account about the things hidden from the public and the things the Marxists wanted to keep hidden. And how he gave a first person account of prison life, well that was just amazing! His vivid descriptions about the kinds of arrests that took place I thought was very interesting and an amazing brainchild of a distorted Soviet Union!...

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Literature & Fiction - Russian

Russian classical and modern literature & fiction (710 books)
Keywords: Pushkin, Akhmatova, Brodsky, Mandelstam, Chekhov, Yevtushenko, Tsvetaeva, Mayakovsky, Vysotsky, Solzhenitsyn, Esenin.

Eugene Onegin: A Novel in Verse (Oxford World's Classics)

James Falen has offered his version of the Russian classic, and has captured both the meaning and the verse. The stanzas flow effortlessly in Falen's hands, it may very well be the best translation yet. Of course, Nabokov is not around to cast his judgement on it. He panned every other translation that had been printed and penned his own in prose, so as not to stray too far from original meaning. But, even he said it was no more than a crib, as what Puskin had achieved in Eugene Onegin was a restructuring of the Russian language, giving it a beauty few had thought it possessed...

The Complete Poems of Anna Akhmatova

Akhmatova was one of the few unrepentant Acemist poets to survive Russia's Bolshevik revolution and subsequant Stalinist takeover and purges. She was seen by authorities as a dangerous element, related to the pre-revolutionary order. Somehow, even as her fellow poets - including friend Osip Mandlestam and husband Nikolay Gumilov - were executed, exiled, sent to camps, or fled, she managed to survive - outliving Stalin himself. Her poems range from the early tales of love and unrequitation, to the tormented later works such as Requium - a harrowing dedication to the victoms of Stalinism. Her use of words is fantastic - the reader can truly feel her presence. This collection is very comprehensive, and well-translted from the original Russian...

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Dictionaries & Thesauruses - Russian

English-Russian and Russian-English dictionaries, russian courses, phrase books, grammar (2432 books)

English-Russian, Russian-English Dictionary

Katzner's dictionary is the best single source of Russian language available to American-English speakers. It is better for grammar references than most Russian grammar books. It is an elegant solution to English- and Russian-speakers attempting to make the transition between the languages which has been unavailable until this time. It is, in a word, revolutionary...

The New Penguin Russian Course

To all those fascinated with Russia and it's language, but cannot seem to get it right and are discouraged, fear not. This book will lift your spirits and show you that Russian is not that hard of a language afterall! I have also found studying Russian helpful in decoding the seemingly totally-irregular grammars of Polish and other Slavic languages. Knowing Russian will help you learn about ten more of these languages. Buy this book, grab a hold, and you'll soon be on friendly terms with Russian!...

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Travel - Moscow

Travelling in Moscow - dictionaries, maps, guides, usefull information for travellers (89 books)

Books in Travel - Moscow

Travel - St. Petersburg

Travelling in St.Petersburg - dictionaries, maps, guides, usefull information for travellers (54 books)

Books in Travel - St. Petersburg

Travel - Siberia

Books about travelling in Siberia - dictionaries, maps, guides, usefull information for travellers (27 books)

Books in Travel - Siberia

Business & Investing - Russia

Business & Investing in Russia - Making Money in Russia, Economic Reform, Ethics in Business (569 books)

Books in Business & Investing - Russia

Politics - Russia

Books about Politics in Russia (1348 books)

Books in Politics - Russia

Professional & Technical - Russia

Professional & Technical books (889 books)

Books in Professional & Technical - Russia

Law - Russia

Books about Law in Russia (150 books)

Books in Law - Russia

Instruction - Russian

Russian Language Instructions (254 books)

Books in Instruction - Russian

History - Former Soviet Republics & Siberia

Books about Former Soviet Republics & Siberia History (178 books)

Books in History - Former Soviet Republics & Siberia

Budget Travel

Books about Budget Travel (762 books)

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Essays & Travelogues

Essays & Travelogues books (2677 books)

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